Sunday, September 28, 2008

Without Sorrow There is no Joy :)

These last two weeks have been...good. I got to go home and that was wonderful but that also gave me a chance to see my boys, bad idea! I just got way more confused and was not to happy about it. So I spent this past week trying to forget about them and I was doing pretty good until Friday when Paul got his mission call (he is going to the Baltic and will be speaking Lithuanian) he called to tell me about it and we talked for a good hour. There went that good plan I had that involved giving myself space and not talking to him for a while!! In other news, I got a 69 on my Geological Disasters test and a 78 on my Calculus test! That didn't improve my spirits too much. However I did have a whole lot of fun with friends. I didn't have to work much these past two weeks so the girls and I partied!
This is Elise and Nicole, they are our best friends! We do everything together. This was at our Mexican party I was talking about earlier. We all "dresses up" in Mexican costumes, watched Nacho Libre and ate & layer been dip! Elise and Nicole came with this mask and towels tied around their necks for capes :)

Mine and Jerah's costumes were a little...inventive :) Jerah's butt if you cannot tell says SenioRita and the two M's on my butt say Marcos Mexican. I also wore the brown pants and shirt along with the beanie and was....a beaner :) Kinda bad but I am allowed to because I went to Marcos!

What is a party with out food??? The been dip I made looked absolutely delicious (as you can see)

Yeah...the girls devoured it

It was completely gone in a matter of mins! I contribute it all to the amazing beans I made!

K well I will stop making comments about how good my cooking is and move on to the rest of my life. :) So on Friday we went to dodge ball....It was the first Friday Night Activity I have been to since I have been up here and it will probably be the last for a long while. was way fun! We had crazy outfits and were the main attraction :D

So these outfits of ours were CRAZY! We all had different colored T-shirts and different colored shorts and then in our hair we all had miss matching bandannas and to top it all off we had knee high tie dyed socks!! They were so cool everyone was envious of or socks :) Oh and that crazy guy in the back is John...we didn't want him in our picture but he jumped in behind us right as the flash went off.

After we were done playing dodge ball Elise and I went outside and took funny random pictures on things we found out side the whole church. It was way fun but some of them turned out to be black mail pictures and I am not going to post them on line!!!! Sufficed to say this picture was taken in the satellite dish!!!
OH!! and one more thing I must add, those unbelievably skanky shorts were not my idea!! I was forced to wear them by those girls that call them selves my friends, Jerah phrased it as "Breaking me out of my shell" And if any of you tell my mother......I don't know what I will do but is won't be pretty! :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008


So I do have excuses for not posting for so long...and you are just going to have to sit there and listen to them! :) So for the first little while I didn't have my compute because it was getting fixed and then when I did get it the charger broke a few days later. Then when I finally got it to turn on again I had forgoten my password....but I got it all figured out now and I even took some pictures! :)

This is Jerah picking out fruit on our first shoping trip...with out our mothers! :) it was kinda funny because the whole time we were discussing loudly what we were going to buy seperatly and what we were going to split. We didn't think anything of it until this hippy women (super long dreadlocks and crazy clothes...the works!) stoped and commented about how cute we were! We were kinda funny! It was especially funny watching Jerah try to figure out how to pay with her debit card!

This is my beautiful kitchen with the beautiful garbage can Lindsey and Bill bought for me when they came up to visit two weeks ago! :)

This is my living room with the beautiful coffe table mom provided (that I always put my feet on...and there is nothing she can do about it! hehehehe) Oh and my roommate and her boyfriend who is ALWAYS over!

And...our big screen Tv! This tv is the reason we have weekly movie nights every Tuesday with the girls. This week we are going to make 7 layer been dip and watch a mexican movie...Nacho Libre!! :)

So this picture has a funny story behind rainy night we all really had a craving for icecream so we got out our jackets and umprellas and walked down to Baskins Robins! It was lots of fun! Oh and this is Jerah (my roommate) and Elise (One of Jerahs friends who we have become really good friends with and ironicly I went to EFY with one summer)