Saturday, November 14, 2009

<3 :D :P !!!

First of all, I heart Jordyn! I am so happy we decided to live together this semester. It is amazing how many times are minds have just "melshed." We say the same things, and sing the same songs, it is just great! And yesterday Jordyn and I bonded even more and I will post pictures to prove it! :D Second, last night was the girl ask guy institute formal...SO MUCH FUN! They have a dance once a semester and I didn't go to either of them last year and I missed out! It was a blast. So pretty much, my Friday the 13th was awesome!
All I have to say is that we had so much fun being really goofy, and outrageous. We clean up nicely, and I think we both looked very good last night! :D

This is me and my date Adam. Once again, so much fun! :P
We had lots of fun taking pictures with the decorations! Adam wanted to do the Titanic pose but at the last second we decided Adam should be the one who was flying! :D

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Frightening Halloween

Yesterday was Halloween and probably the most eventful Halloween I have ever had and will ever have. For those family and friends who I did not call personally and tell you this story I am sorry. I have already told this story 5 times today, and heard it told 5 times by each of my roommates. I am kinda tired of telling it :P.
So last night my roommates and I didn't to much of anything. We just had a few people come over and hang out like they always do. The last of our friends, Remy and his sister Brittany, were about to leave at 2:00am but as they were walking out of our apartment they saw a drunk man trying to get into the apt across from us. So they decided not to go and give him a few more mins to walk into his apt. A few mins later they open the door again and he is throwing up over the railing. GROSS! So our friends decide to stay a little longer. Then out of no where the drunk man opens to door to our apartment and tries to start going up our stairs!!!! Luckily for us Remy has had a few jobs in bars and knew how to handle drunks. So first he tried to talk to him and convince him to get out of our apartment. The dress man, that is what we are calling him because he was still in his Halloween costume which was a low cut, pink floral dress (he even stuffed his shirt with a beanie) Anyway, the dress man was insisting that he was in his apartment. When Remy realized that the dress man was not going to go anywhere on his own free will he started pushing him out the door. Dress man was about 6'2'' and was not skinny by any means. He was built big and I wouldn't be surprised if he played football. Remy is about 5'10'' and is not very bulky...Remy almost got him out and closed the door but dress man had his foot in the doorway. Remy stopped trying when he realized he couldn't not over power him. So he let go of the door and the dress man fell face first onto our floor. He was not very happy after that. Then he started saying something about how his girlfriend just lived two doors down and that is where he was trying to go. So he walked through our apartment and went onto our balcony. As soon as he was outside we locked the door behind him and called the cops.
While he was locked out side we got the our roommate out of her bedroom cause the dress man was trying to get back into the house through her bedroom window!!! We all got upstairs with Brittany as our protector and waited for the cops. When dress man saw the cops coming he jumped off our balcony and ran away!!! We weren't sure at first if he jumped off or if he went into the apt that shares out balcony but the cops found two foot prints in the rocks just below our balcony. They also found, on out balcony one of the beanies dress man used to stuff his shirt. So the cops took it and are gong to use it to help them catch him. But to our knowledge, the cops never found him.
After he ran away, one of the officers came back and had us all fill out statements. I have never filled out a statement before and I am still not sure if I did a good enough job. It took me about 15mins and Remy and his sister 45mins. But as the statements were being filled out the officer, officer Newberger, cracked jokes and made us all laugh. I am very thankful for law enforcement and I am also very thankful that Remy and Brittany were over. I don't know what we would have done if they hadn't have been there to protect us. Other than Remy hurting his had while trying to push dress man out of the apartment we are all safe.
The cops didn't leave our apartment till 3:30am and after that no one really could go to sleep. So we decided that we were NOT going to fast today and made hot chocolate and waffles. Then we watched While You Were Sleeping. Sleep didn't catch up to us till 6:30am. I slept in the living room that night cause being alone in my room did not sound like much fun to me. Then we all woke up around 8, got ready and went to church at 9. We stayed for sacrament meeting and then went back home catch up on sleep. Surprisingly enough no one slept past 1. So our whole apartment was functioning on 3 1/2 hours of sleep today.
Even in spite of it all, I still find it rather comical that the man was wearing a dress. Also, one more thing to laugh about that came from the whole situation is that we had one roommate who slept through EVERYTHING! She had gone to bet around midnight and sleeps with earplugs and she hardly even stirred. For a few mins all 6 of us girls were inches away from her trying to stay out of reach of the dress man. There was even a time where there were 7 medics and 3 cops in out apartment and she didn't even wake up! Then today, we told the story a million different time and I just got tired of saying the same thing over and over again. So once again, sorry family and friends who didn't get a phone call.
Don't worry too much, our door will now be locked 24-7!

This is the view of the footprints in the rocks from the balcony and how high it would look if someone was ever contemplating jumping off.

This is a close up of the foot prints in the rocks below our balcony

This is how high our balcony is and how far the dress man jumped!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I am addicted

Last Thursday was a fateful day. At first it just seemed like a normal average day. I went to class, read my scriptures, did my HW (haha jk Hannah doesn't ever do her HW). It didn't start until after work. I had just spent the last 4.5 hours slaving away taking peoples orders and getting fruit smoothies splashed all over me. I was sitting on the stool with Jordyn next to me and all of a sudden, out of thin air, my roommate Brittiny says "I am going to walk down to Hastings and rent the first season of Heros." Inside my soul gave out a cry of anguish (actually I was very verbal about it) "NO!!! I can't start watching another TV show!!! Once I start I won't be able to get back to my life until I have seen them all." Sure enough that is EXACTLY what happened. I stayed up till one that night, the next night (Friday) I was up till 12 and then Saturday I would not let myself rest until 2:30--finishing the first season of course. If only it had ended at that, the same roommate who drug me into this obsession, bought all three seasons and we continued to waist our life away in front of the TV. To our credit, we exhibited great self control and waited till Thursday night to unleash the DVDs sitting innocently on the shelf. By last night at midnight my roommates and I had made our way through all the existing seasons of Heros. Now our plan is to watch the new episodes each week as they come out. Since that fateful Thursday my roommates and I have watched 45.5hours of Sylar, Mohinder and Claire. We now have pictures of Heros characters dotting our walls and Sylar pictures as our desktop backgrounds. Needless to Say...I AM ADDICTED!!!!!!!! :D

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I am so frustrated!!! I just found out today that the mail man has not been giving me my mail! I am soo upset. I had had a suspicion cause it has been 2 weeks since anything with my name on it has come out of our mail box. But this morning I looked online to see why my textbooks hadn't come yet and that is when I found out that the Postal Service has no clue that I reside in my own apartment. The text books I bought 2 weeks ago were sent to back to the sellers because the mail man just decided not to put the mail in the little box the packages told him to put it in! I am so frustrated!!!!!!!!!! Cause now I have to contact all the sellers, see if they will send it back to me, and some how make sure that I start getting my mail again. It wouldn't be so bad if I knew how to fix it all, but I don't know how to make it better. I did however write a little note to the mail man in hopes that he will start giving me my mail again and knows that still live in the same place! I guess life wouldn't be interesting if we didn't have problems.

Friday, August 28, 2009

First Week of School

I LOVE FLAGSTAFF! It is the best place in the world. The weather is just wonderful right now. I am getting along great with my roommates and I have money! I got $2,600 from FAFSA this semester, $300 was spent on stupid NAU fees, then I spent about $200 on books and $100 on other things like school supplies and food. But I have about $2,ooo left to do with as I please!!!!! So I bout my self a camera! :D I also took a day off of work. The plan is to save it all for emergencies but we will see how that goes :P

This semester there are 6 of us living in once tiny apartment. So far so good, no one has been killed yet so things are going pretty good. I get my own room this semester but you can hardly call it a room. The roof slants so one of my walls is about 2ft high but I am not complaining cause I have my own little space.

For the most part my classes seem like they are going to be pretty easy. I have a statistics class, a computer programing class, two education classes and then a Math class of pure agony! MAT 320W-Foundations of math. Not only is it my junior level writing requirement but it is a proof class. I know 4 people in my class who are taking it again this semester cause the dropped out last semester. My goal for these next 3 months is to pass this class! We are going to have 20pt quizzes every Wednesday and the first week of school was no exception. We only had one day of class before he was testing us!!!! INSANE! The very first day the professor redefined the meaning of a sentence. In case you were wondering a sentence is either true or false. There is no room for opinions in the language of mathematics.

I also am going to be an SI this semester. I am not sure all the details yet but I will go to a MAT 114 class (Quantitative Reasoning) and get to know the material. Then I will hold a session where all the little freshman (who are only a year younger than me) will come and get me to help them on their math HW. Sounds like fun! It will actually be something I can put on my resume so that when I am trying to get a job as a teacher, in 2 years, I can have more to put then "I worked at Jamba Juice!!!"

Oh and how pathetic am I? It is my first real weekend in Flag, my first Friday NOT at work, and I am sitting at home alone. :(

Below is my lovely half room. Notice how the far wall in only a few feet high. I also have my very own TV and DVD player so I can watch movies whenever I want (I doubt that will ever happen but it is there just in case). I also keep my bathroom stuff on my dresser cause there are four of us sharing one bathroom!
This is my beautiful new camera that I bought with my awesome government money. It is water proof and ironically is the same camera Joseph bought this summer before he left. I liked it so much I bought myself one! The best part is that the green one was $10 cheaper than the black one and $15 cheaper than hot pink! :D
My beautiful new hair style, a box die from Walmart and an amazing cut from Mindy :P I have had SO many complements on it. MINDY IS THE BEST!

Friday, August 7, 2009


So these are my amazing doodles, the only semi exciting biproduct of my summer school classI know I am really weird! But at least this all gave me an escape from that awful professors voice
You would not believe how much pencil I got all over my hand doing these two. The best is when I would come back from class with pencil all over my forehead!Just in case you ever wondering, all those circles are on the front page of the packet our professor passed out for us to take notes on...I erased the little notes I did have :D
This one is one of my favorites! I like all the hearts.
This one I actually started up in Flag right before finals and then just finished it in my boring summer school!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I just finished my last day of summer school and thought it a momentous occasion worth mentioning on my pathetically neglected blog. It was a rotten boring class, that was way too easy to merit my full attention. I studied for about a 1/2 an hour before every test and never got below a 95%. I am just happy it was in the summer and was only 5 weeks instead of the average 3 1/2 months...although it didn't feel accelerated. I did however manage to cover many pieces of paper with pointless designs. I should scan them and put them up before I throw them away. That way I can look back and remember what I learned this summer; Colleges don't have your best interests in mind, all they really want is your money! As long as you put up with their fake smiles, jump through the hopes in their hands and pay to do it, you can get a degree! And in my case after I get that degree I can be the one that holds a hoop in my hand bearing a cheesy smile watching those little High School kids jump as high as they can, making their quest for success just as painful as mine was! :D

Thursday, July 16, 2009


First off I know, long time no blog. So there is no way humanly possible that I could catch up on everything so I am just going to put up some of the pictures I have taken this summer. That is all I can think of as a fast and easy update.

Lindsey, her kids and I all took a walk to Good Will (you know while they still lived at Dads house). Anne looks so cute walking all by herself with out a care in the world. :D

Lindsey was checking out and I was really board of shopping so I took Rachel to the hats and we took lots of pictures with different goofy hats! :D It was lots of fun!!!!

Emma looked too cute up on the fire place holding the puppy so I just HAD to take a picture.

And this, of course, is me and Joseph. We were at the Marcos Graduation and it just so happened to be raining! Weird that that would happen two years in a row when the norm is 100 for last Aug. Silly Joseph got really really cold and we couldn't stay to say hi to all our friends on the field cause he was almost convulsing cause he was so cold! :D

Wednesday, April 22, 2009



Sunday, April 19, 2009

Almost there...

I am almost done with classes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even believe it. I have two more weeks of classes and then three days of finals and then I am headed back to the valley where I will have to find a job QUICK so I can make enough money to pay for my two summer classes. I am not sure where I will be living but I have 3 weeks to figure it out. Hopefully I will be able to pass all of my would not be fun at all if I had to retake Differential Equations or Modern geometry. Every other class I won't fail, it is just math that is giving me a hard time. Funny, not something extremely common for a math major....
In other news, for those of you who don't know, Karl Andersen left for his mission on Wednesday. I am sad that he lives so far away, I didn't get to see him before he left :(
Spring Break was so much fun and well needed. I stayed with Dallas and Natalie for a day, I got to go to the beach with Dad and Lindsey, I went spelunking with Mom, and I even got to spend the night with Afton and Mindy. But when we went to the beach I stepped on tar. And when we were in the cave I broke my camera!! Not cool!
Easter was ok. I think this is the first Easter my whole life where I haven't gone to see the Easter pageant!!!! Sad, so sad. The best part is that the whole family went with out me. I was not very happy about that :/ Oh! and I didn't even get candy! LAME!!!!!!
I made surprise cupcakes for my roommate Lanae for he birthday this past week. Everyone loved them and it made me feel special.
On Thursday I will be teaching again, but this time I will be teaching math to 7th graders at the Jr. High and then 20 mins later be at the Elementary teaching a chemistry lesson to the 5th graders. It is going to be a crazy day! I hope it doesn't make me too stressed. But that is the last crazy thing I have to do before finals.

I think that is all the random tid bits I can think of right now. Time for pictures!

Lindsey had a lot of fun playing in the sand with her girls. Rachel couldn't have been happier but Anne was deathly afraid of the ocean! This was the closest I could get her to the water. I asked her to but a feather in the sand castle, that was too much for her! She spent the rest of the day with Dad a safe distance away from the scary water. I love the concerned look on her face in this picture! It is so cute!

Precious Anne, safely far away from the water.

These are really...tender. I love the one of dad giving the cookie to Anne and all you can see is her little hand! SO CUTE!

Beautiful Hans on his 14th birthday. We found a hollow tree and it was just to much fun! I think they are happy mostly because at this point we had found our way out. I didn't even count how many times we turned around in that cave.
Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE MY FAMILY!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! :D

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Calling in Life

Today I taught again! And again it was so much fun. This time I taught 5th grade science. We had them make ice cream in plastic bags and then taught them about the three different phases of matter. I was a little nervous at first but that only lasted 5 mins into the lesson. I loved being around the kids, having them ask me questions and actually knowing the answers! One student asked me if I could spell some words for him...that put me on the spot! Luckily all he asked was liquid and chocolate, I think I got those two down. It is such a neat experience to have children look up to you in that way. I don't think I have ever been in a situation like that where children have so much respect for me. Anyways, it was so wonderful to see my hard work come together into a beautiful, well carried out lesson where the students actually learned something and had a good time doing it!! AND I WAS THEIR TEACHER! It was really weird being called Miss Turley but I would do it again in a heart beat...and I am going to!
The next lesson I will be teaching will be to the 7th graders and we will be talking about Volume. The next time I teach the 5th graders we are going to be taking about Force and Motion.

This is all made possible by the NAUTeach program up here at NAU. This program started in Texas (as UTeach) and is now starting to wriggle its way into the rest of the United States. This program is amazing! The first two classes get you into the class room so that you can know right away if teaching is right for you, and they even give you a stipend for taking the class. So at the end of this semester I will get $250 for taking a class I love. Our teacher was telling us the other day that tons and tons of schools applied to have the program come to their Universities...they only picked 12! So out of all the Universities country wide the one that was chosen just so happened to be in Arizona so I could still get my tuition waver and be close to home. I am so excited to be going to school to be a teacher!
Oh and a little side note for Diane(and anyone else who was wondering)...The job I had an interview for was a Summer Enrichment Program. If I get it I will be a TA for a science class. There will be three one week sessions were kids will come up and take the class. The best part is that at the end of each week I get to go on a field trip with the students. I am really excited for it but I don't know if I will get it or not. They told me as I was walking out of the interview that they would get back to me by the end of the week. That was a week ago! I am really worried that I won't get it but I am holding on to the hope that they are just behind and haven't gotten around to calling me back. :/
OH! Did I mention that I LOVE TEACHING!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! :D

Monday, March 2, 2009

Catching up

I guess I am over due for a post, it has almost been a month. Life right now is just peachy. I am only taking 11 credits so I have a lot of time on my hands. I did have 14 but last week I withdrew from my Elementary Number Theory class. It was a nightmare and I am sad to say I was not quite ready for it. So I will take it again in a year and hopefully by then I will have enough math background for everything to make sense. So with my new found free time I cook more, I am typing my journal, I started reading the third Eragon book, and I don't do my HW! :)
My goal for tomorrow is to actually get out of bed at 6:30 (or 7) and go running. I miss being able to sleep well and the solution to that problem it to exhaust myself and I have full confidence that getting up early and running will do just that.
This past week was amazing! I taught my first math lesson to REAL Jr High kids, I had my first job interview, and I planed out the classes I need to take for the next three semesters and now I know for sure that I will be able to get my teaching degree in three years! If everything works out the way I have planed I will graduate in May of 2011! :D That makes me really happy
I cannot wait for spring break and I am so excited to go home and see my family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think that is about it...

Monday, February 9, 2009


I was told I needed to post more so I am going to try but I am not making any promises. Today is snowed and snowed and snowed!!!!! It was crazy! We are all hoping for a snow day tomorrow which would not be too beneficial to me cause I only have one class. :( I have decided that there is nothing more beautiful than untouched snow! It is so beautiful, it reminds me why I decided to move up here. My roommates and I went sledding today, it was cold and hot and wonderful all at the same time. I don't think I have ever been so hot and so cold at the same time. We all got home and were covered in snow and all ready to go to bed. But we are still up watching movies eating popcorn, like we do every night!!!!

SOOO MUCH SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not believe how much show was on me beanie by the time I got home! It was completely covered in snow and ice!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Grapefruit Diet

Yesterday we found out that we might be getting another roommate!!! We are all so excited to have a new friend and have less rent to pay! :) That was the highlight of my day yesterday, except we still don't know for sure. I am so tight on money right now, books are killing me and until my first paycheck comes in I am not going to have much money for anything. My budget breakfast had become home made granola and Grapefruit. :) Mom sent me up with a whole box of grapefruit and so did Lindsey. I just hope my roommates and I can eat them before they all go bad! :D
Oh and this is really funny I just thought I would share it with everyone. I took a whole bunch of picture one night right before I went home for winter break. I was just sitting on the couch looking through them and Anne was very interested in what I was doing. She was sitting next to me and when I got to this picture of Jerah she tried to do the same pose. It was so darn cute! Then later Rachel wanted to join in the fun so I got one of her too. Once again those girls are way to cute....I hope that won't get them into trouble when they are old enough to start breaking hearts. :P

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Winter Wonder Land

OH MY GOODNESS! There is so much snow in Flagstaff! I can't even believe it! there are piles and piles of snow on the side of every rode and sidewalk. I was so shocked when mom brought me up here on Friday. The weirdest part about it thought is that during the day it is warm. I question my sanity when I sit down in my smoldering classes wearing long selves. You think with the snow it would be colder but you thought wrong!

It makes me laugh that so many things are just buried in the snow! There is something else buried right next to the picnic table and Jerah and I can not figure out what it is! I guess we will just have to wait till spring to find out! And I laugh at who ever owns this car. Poor poor things. :) I took that picture on Sunday and it is still like that. I guess they decided it just wasn't worth the trouble.

In other news... I started classes yesterday. 3 Math classes(Modern Geometry, Differential Equations and Elementary Number Theory), 2 Education classes and a Liberal Studies. I really hope I will be able to survive the next 4 months. It has recently been reaffirmed to me that an education is expensive. It is ridiculous that I have to pay for the classes and then pay for the textbooks. How is anyone supposed to be able to pay for all that on their own?!?!? It is a conspiracy!

This is Jerah and I on the first day of classes at the bus stop on our way to our 9:1o classes

I also didn't write anything about Christmas or New Years, just like everyone else.
Christmas was great fun and it even lasted for a week. The highlight of my New Years was the party with Lindsey and her kids. We all got sparkly hats, masks and horns, we drank sparkling cider and tooted our horns at 7:00! :D Those girls are so adorable!
The most adorable picture ever!!!! I just love that Annie has food all over her face, it really adds something to it.