Saturday, November 14, 2009

<3 :D :P !!!

First of all, I heart Jordyn! I am so happy we decided to live together this semester. It is amazing how many times are minds have just "melshed." We say the same things, and sing the same songs, it is just great! And yesterday Jordyn and I bonded even more and I will post pictures to prove it! :D Second, last night was the girl ask guy institute formal...SO MUCH FUN! They have a dance once a semester and I didn't go to either of them last year and I missed out! It was a blast. So pretty much, my Friday the 13th was awesome!
All I have to say is that we had so much fun being really goofy, and outrageous. We clean up nicely, and I think we both looked very good last night! :D

This is me and my date Adam. Once again, so much fun! :P
We had lots of fun taking pictures with the decorations! Adam wanted to do the Titanic pose but at the last second we decided Adam should be the one who was flying! :D

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Frightening Halloween

Yesterday was Halloween and probably the most eventful Halloween I have ever had and will ever have. For those family and friends who I did not call personally and tell you this story I am sorry. I have already told this story 5 times today, and heard it told 5 times by each of my roommates. I am kinda tired of telling it :P.
So last night my roommates and I didn't to much of anything. We just had a few people come over and hang out like they always do. The last of our friends, Remy and his sister Brittany, were about to leave at 2:00am but as they were walking out of our apartment they saw a drunk man trying to get into the apt across from us. So they decided not to go and give him a few more mins to walk into his apt. A few mins later they open the door again and he is throwing up over the railing. GROSS! So our friends decide to stay a little longer. Then out of no where the drunk man opens to door to our apartment and tries to start going up our stairs!!!! Luckily for us Remy has had a few jobs in bars and knew how to handle drunks. So first he tried to talk to him and convince him to get out of our apartment. The dress man, that is what we are calling him because he was still in his Halloween costume which was a low cut, pink floral dress (he even stuffed his shirt with a beanie) Anyway, the dress man was insisting that he was in his apartment. When Remy realized that the dress man was not going to go anywhere on his own free will he started pushing him out the door. Dress man was about 6'2'' and was not skinny by any means. He was built big and I wouldn't be surprised if he played football. Remy is about 5'10'' and is not very bulky...Remy almost got him out and closed the door but dress man had his foot in the doorway. Remy stopped trying when he realized he couldn't not over power him. So he let go of the door and the dress man fell face first onto our floor. He was not very happy after that. Then he started saying something about how his girlfriend just lived two doors down and that is where he was trying to go. So he walked through our apartment and went onto our balcony. As soon as he was outside we locked the door behind him and called the cops.
While he was locked out side we got the our roommate out of her bedroom cause the dress man was trying to get back into the house through her bedroom window!!! We all got upstairs with Brittany as our protector and waited for the cops. When dress man saw the cops coming he jumped off our balcony and ran away!!! We weren't sure at first if he jumped off or if he went into the apt that shares out balcony but the cops found two foot prints in the rocks just below our balcony. They also found, on out balcony one of the beanies dress man used to stuff his shirt. So the cops took it and are gong to use it to help them catch him. But to our knowledge, the cops never found him.
After he ran away, one of the officers came back and had us all fill out statements. I have never filled out a statement before and I am still not sure if I did a good enough job. It took me about 15mins and Remy and his sister 45mins. But as the statements were being filled out the officer, officer Newberger, cracked jokes and made us all laugh. I am very thankful for law enforcement and I am also very thankful that Remy and Brittany were over. I don't know what we would have done if they hadn't have been there to protect us. Other than Remy hurting his had while trying to push dress man out of the apartment we are all safe.
The cops didn't leave our apartment till 3:30am and after that no one really could go to sleep. So we decided that we were NOT going to fast today and made hot chocolate and waffles. Then we watched While You Were Sleeping. Sleep didn't catch up to us till 6:30am. I slept in the living room that night cause being alone in my room did not sound like much fun to me. Then we all woke up around 8, got ready and went to church at 9. We stayed for sacrament meeting and then went back home catch up on sleep. Surprisingly enough no one slept past 1. So our whole apartment was functioning on 3 1/2 hours of sleep today.
Even in spite of it all, I still find it rather comical that the man was wearing a dress. Also, one more thing to laugh about that came from the whole situation is that we had one roommate who slept through EVERYTHING! She had gone to bet around midnight and sleeps with earplugs and she hardly even stirred. For a few mins all 6 of us girls were inches away from her trying to stay out of reach of the dress man. There was even a time where there were 7 medics and 3 cops in out apartment and she didn't even wake up! Then today, we told the story a million different time and I just got tired of saying the same thing over and over again. So once again, sorry family and friends who didn't get a phone call.
Don't worry too much, our door will now be locked 24-7!

This is the view of the footprints in the rocks from the balcony and how high it would look if someone was ever contemplating jumping off.

This is a close up of the foot prints in the rocks below our balcony

This is how high our balcony is and how far the dress man jumped!