Sunday, June 19, 2011

Major Events of the Last 6 Months

I think it is official that I fail at blogging. It has been close to 6 months since I last posted. I often forget that I actually have a blog.

Thankfully the major things that have happened in my life since my last adventure-full post fit on a short list.

1. I turned 21!

I brought my friend Michelle home with me for the weekend to help me celebrate my birthday. We went to a rock'n boy band concert. I am pretty sure we were the oldest people there who did not have children with them. I was pretty fun and a little girl in front of us offered to share some of her candy with us. But…I wish I picked a different band to go see for my fist concert. This is us making goofy faces.

On my actually birthday, me and my roommates went to Chilies and ordered some Margaritas, Pina coladas and Strawberry dackeries. It was awesome! I recommend that everyone younger than me do it for their 21st birthday. The best part was that the waiter was really confused that we were all ordering virgin drinks on our 21st birthdays. :D Every time he came to check on us he would mention how stupid it was.

2. Two of my cousins got married

My first cousin to get married was dear old Jo-Jo. Diane, Allison, Granny, Mandy and I all drove up to SLC to be there for Jordyn’s wedding. Boy was that a long car ride. We got there just in time for the wild and crazy bachelorette party. We got lots of weird looks from the old men in the bowling alley cause we were making so much noise. This is Jordyn and I in the stellar limo Mandy got for us.

And the next cousin of mine to tie the not was Birttny. She got married on April 6th. Even though it was a Wednesday she was really excited to get married on such an important day in church history. Her dress was so beautiful! And she was probably the most passive bride I have ever seen. She had an outside wedding reception and it rained almost all nigh but she didn’t seem to care one bit.

I didn’t get a picture with me and the bride but this is a pretty good alternative. This is Me, Afton, and Jeni at the themple in our bride’s maids dresses.

3. I left Flagstaff and moved to Utah.

At last my time in Flagstaff has come to an end. I have moved out of my apartment and I am never going to be a part of Flagstaff University 2nd ward ever again. I can’t tell you why I decided to move up to Utah for the summer but the important thing is that I am here. My original plan was to get a job and pay off some of my debt. But getting a job wasn’t as easy as I had hoped. So I gave up looking. Now I sit around at home all day reading books and watching TV. Utah is beautiful though and I am very happy I am not in that awful AZ heat (I laugh at all my family stuck in AZ right now. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Life is an Adventure

This past weekend was vary adventure-full for me. :D It was crazy busy but I had a blast!

My roommates and I went to go see Harry Potter 7 at midnight on Thursday night. We drank hot chocolate while we waited in line, and I summarized the entire Harry Potter series up to book 7 for them. And we took a whole bunch of random crazy pictures waiting for the movie to start. :P
This picture is a good example when your roommate says"Ok everyone make your Harry Potter face!" Yeah...we are just that awesome.

On Friday Flagstaff had their girl ask guy winter formal and it was a blast! My roommates and our dates went ice skating, went to Peter Piper Pizza and played the arcade games and then danced the night away at the institute. It is so fun to have an excuse to put a pretty dress on and forget about everything you have to do.
Look! His tie matched my shoes!
Saturday was Cherise's wedding! I woke up at 5:30 and drove down to the valley so I could be at the temple when Cherise came of of the temple with her new husband. Then we had a family luncheon where there was A LOT of singing and preforming (I'm not complaining, the talent was really good, but sometimes I would just like to eat my food and not worry about focusing on anything else). Then I hurry quick and took a nap and got all pretty and magically transformed into a brides maid. The reception was so much fun and my sisters has a new last name.Look at these cute kids! Way to go Raisors!

I caught the bouquet and Dallin in caught the garder. Good thing we are siblings other wise I would be in trouble.

Can I just say that I love my sisters?

My little baby cousin Jacob was blessed on Sunday. We had another luncheon but this time there was not singing, only good food. Then I finished my day in pure relaxation...until I got in my car to go home. Mom had me get out and give her a good bye hung and with out thinking I left my car running and locked all the doors! YAY! One hour, a dented door, and a broken window later we finally got the door open!!!!! And we didn't even to have to call a lock smith. Thank goodness for Hans', Larry's, screw drivers, and very long pols. Then I went and had dinner with my daddy. It was much fun to catch up with him. Then I was back on the road to Flagstaff and I am so happy I didn't die on the snow covered roads. I almost lost control there for a second and swerved into a semi but I was able to not to. :D

YAY for a life full of ADVENTURE(!) with out it life would be just to boring.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Heart My Family!

I would just like to say that I really really love my family! They make me really happy. I was just looking at old pictures today and realized how much I miss them. I will be sad to leave my new (awesome) roommates but I can't wait till I am back in the valley to be with them again! I got my student teaching placement the other day and I will be teaching at Marcos de Niza next semester! YAY! And then I get to be back in the valley with my family! :D

These are some pictures from my summer adventures with my family. :D

This is me and Brittny with Fred the turtle. After going to go see a movie at the dollar theater we walked outside and there was a turtle just begging for us to take a picture with it. So of course we took many and they were all pretty goofy. :D


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mud Caves!

If you ever have the urge to go roll around in the mud go visit the Pepper Sauce caves. It is a good excuse for adults to get a little dirty. Oh, and make sure you bring Jeni so she can throw mud at you so you can be exceptionally dirty.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm Just a Kid and Life is a Nightmare

Why is it that everything falls apart right before finals? This past week has felt like an eternity. On Monday of last week my roommates declared that they couldn't pay for May rent and wanted to know if you could get out of our month to month lease with only a 5 days notice. I doubted it but they still made me call up the realty office and find out. What do you know you have to give a months notice in order to get out of you lease, big shocker there! So now my roommates had to figure out how they were going to pay for May cause they couldn't get out of the lease. And I kinda got chewed out by my landlord for not having all the residents on the lease (I know not good but I have learned my lesson) and told me that my roommates needed to get on the lease ASAP. But then my roommates had a thought..."Why pay for May and go through the hassle of getting on the lease if I am not not legally bound? I will just pack up and leave as fast as I can and leave my two unsuspecting roommates to deal with rent on their own! What a good idea." And all these thoughts were being encouraged by their parents. Nice to know what type of people are out there raising kids.

So on Tuesday I was gone all day at class/work and when I got home at 9 two of my roommates were packing up and moving out! Well that's not good. One said I am still going to pay for my part of May and the other one said F*** you, I don't have any F***'n money and you guys are terrible people for expecting my to pay.

Then on Wednesday, most of there stuff was gone but they still had to come back and get the big stuff. So me an the one roommate who didn't decide it was OK to turn tail and run from her responsibilities were watching a movie with a friend and they com back over to get their stuff and bring help. We are watching a movie and they are deserting us so we don't ask if we can help and just let them be. As they were finishing we asked for them to turn in their key and pay the $8 for the APRIL utility bill. Apparently this was really rude and 5 mins later one of the before mentioned roommates' cousins (who we have never seen before in our lives) comes back to give us a piece of her mind. If this would have been recorded it would be rated R, she must have said the F word 10 time. It went something like this..."I brought your keys back but before I give them to you have to listen to me. You guys are being so rude to my cousin. I don't want you any where near her. Do not talk to her do not ever try to contact her ever again. You guys are not the good little Mormon girls you think you are. How dare you try to swindle my cousin out of her money." My roommate didn't like this and threatened to call the cops on her if she didn't get out. And all this happened with our movie playing and our gust sitting on the couch listening to us get cussed out. OK lady we have never met who needs to wash her mouth out with soap, the cousin you are defending shirking her responsibilities and as a result making us pay an extra $300 for rent and all we are asking for is $8. And if we are canceling our lease then the land lord is going to ask us for all the keys back cause what home owner is going to be fine with the face that some random person they don't know has a key to their house?!?!? Maybe you should think before you speak.

The on Thursday the third roommate packed up and left too. But she did it with so much more class! She apologized for not being able to pay, scrubbed the bathtub till it gleamed, and said that we did not deserve what the others had said/done to us. She even thought about taking a dramatic picture of her leaving the key :D It is a wonder that the only roommate who did not act like we were in the wrong was the only one who is not affiliated with the church in any way. Just goes to show that people aren't always what they say they are.

Everything is fine now. Our land lord didn't seem to care as long as he got his money. And we signed the termination of our lease and have to be out by May 31st but that doesn't even matter because I am leaving on Saturday anyways. I payed $465 to live in Flagstaff for a week.

So in this past week me and the one roommate of mine who did not turn out to be a "money grubbing whore" or a scumbag watched a lot of movies to get our mind of things and ate lots of comfort food. We also picked two theme songs that describe our mood perfectly.
1) I'm Just a Kid and Life is an Nightmare
2) Pray for You by Jarom and the Long Road to Love.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


My friend Michelle Harden graduated form institute today. Yesterday she was venting to me about how her roommate wasn't going to go to her graduation and that it made her really sad. So I decided I would be a good friend and go to support her. When I got there they handed me a program and glanced at it and didn't pay much attention to it till Michelle turned to me and said "Look your on the program!" So tonight I went to institute graduation to support a friend and ended up getting a certificate for completing 2 years of institute credits. That is like saying, "Surprise! Here is you Associates Degree!"(well not really, but I was still pleasantly surprised)Yay me! :P

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Me!

Monday was my birthday and it was AWESOME! Thanks to all my wonderful family. :D On Friday I got to go play with Maddy and the boys I was a nanny for. Then on Saturday Jeni and I went rock climbing in Scottsdale. It was so much fun and I got a pretty awesome bruise on my knee from banging it up against the wall. The when I got out to Queen Creek we had pizza, went to the temple, and then had an ice cream party. Then on Sunday we had a huge party with LOTS of family! And Sunday night Dallas and Natalie saved me from boardom on my birthday and took me to home with them. If they hadn't brought me back to Flagstaff I would have spent my birthday by myself! Anyway... we had a midnight waffle party and they blew up their new air mattress for me.
Then on Monday, my 20th birthday, we made a cake and used a candy cane stick for a makeshift candle. Then we went hiking. It was the perfect level of hard...right when I was about to give up there was the summit! Next we went to the Cheese Cake factory cause I had never been there before. It was really good and the cheese cake was delicious. Then we went out to Anthem outlets and met up with Katie and her kids. I didn't buy anything but it was fun to watch Katie's kids play. Then we were on out way to Flagstaff. When we got back to my apartment we red-boxed Julie and Julia then Dallas and Natalie headed back around 10:30. I had so much fun...and it was way better than last years birthday! :D

I am not going to even try to catch up on everything I have missed in the last 3 or 4 months but you can trust that I went on living and had a good time doing it.
This is Jeni and I right after rock climbing.
Dallas and I on the summit of the little mountain in Phoenix
The beautiful view from the top of the mountain, with out Dallas and I blocking it.
Dallin's chior came up yesterday for the Jazz/Mad festival. I got to eat lunch with him and I supplied the nose and the buttons for their snowman
These are two random pictures from our crazy storm three weeks ago. I could not believe how much snow there was everywhere!