Friday, August 28, 2009

First Week of School

I LOVE FLAGSTAFF! It is the best place in the world. The weather is just wonderful right now. I am getting along great with my roommates and I have money! I got $2,600 from FAFSA this semester, $300 was spent on stupid NAU fees, then I spent about $200 on books and $100 on other things like school supplies and food. But I have about $2,ooo left to do with as I please!!!!! So I bout my self a camera! :D I also took a day off of work. The plan is to save it all for emergencies but we will see how that goes :P

This semester there are 6 of us living in once tiny apartment. So far so good, no one has been killed yet so things are going pretty good. I get my own room this semester but you can hardly call it a room. The roof slants so one of my walls is about 2ft high but I am not complaining cause I have my own little space.

For the most part my classes seem like they are going to be pretty easy. I have a statistics class, a computer programing class, two education classes and then a Math class of pure agony! MAT 320W-Foundations of math. Not only is it my junior level writing requirement but it is a proof class. I know 4 people in my class who are taking it again this semester cause the dropped out last semester. My goal for these next 3 months is to pass this class! We are going to have 20pt quizzes every Wednesday and the first week of school was no exception. We only had one day of class before he was testing us!!!! INSANE! The very first day the professor redefined the meaning of a sentence. In case you were wondering a sentence is either true or false. There is no room for opinions in the language of mathematics.

I also am going to be an SI this semester. I am not sure all the details yet but I will go to a MAT 114 class (Quantitative Reasoning) and get to know the material. Then I will hold a session where all the little freshman (who are only a year younger than me) will come and get me to help them on their math HW. Sounds like fun! It will actually be something I can put on my resume so that when I am trying to get a job as a teacher, in 2 years, I can have more to put then "I worked at Jamba Juice!!!"

Oh and how pathetic am I? It is my first real weekend in Flag, my first Friday NOT at work, and I am sitting at home alone. :(

Below is my lovely half room. Notice how the far wall in only a few feet high. I also have my very own TV and DVD player so I can watch movies whenever I want (I doubt that will ever happen but it is there just in case). I also keep my bathroom stuff on my dresser cause there are four of us sharing one bathroom!
This is my beautiful new camera that I bought with my awesome government money. It is water proof and ironically is the same camera Joseph bought this summer before he left. I liked it so much I bought myself one! The best part is that the green one was $10 cheaper than the black one and $15 cheaper than hot pink! :D
My beautiful new hair style, a box die from Walmart and an amazing cut from Mindy :P I have had SO many complements on it. MINDY IS THE BEST!

Friday, August 7, 2009


So these are my amazing doodles, the only semi exciting biproduct of my summer school classI know I am really weird! But at least this all gave me an escape from that awful professors voice
You would not believe how much pencil I got all over my hand doing these two. The best is when I would come back from class with pencil all over my forehead!Just in case you ever wondering, all those circles are on the front page of the packet our professor passed out for us to take notes on...I erased the little notes I did have :D
This one is one of my favorites! I like all the hearts.
This one I actually started up in Flag right before finals and then just finished it in my boring summer school!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I just finished my last day of summer school and thought it a momentous occasion worth mentioning on my pathetically neglected blog. It was a rotten boring class, that was way too easy to merit my full attention. I studied for about a 1/2 an hour before every test and never got below a 95%. I am just happy it was in the summer and was only 5 weeks instead of the average 3 1/2 months...although it didn't feel accelerated. I did however manage to cover many pieces of paper with pointless designs. I should scan them and put them up before I throw them away. That way I can look back and remember what I learned this summer; Colleges don't have your best interests in mind, all they really want is your money! As long as you put up with their fake smiles, jump through the hopes in their hands and pay to do it, you can get a degree! And in my case after I get that degree I can be the one that holds a hoop in my hand bearing a cheesy smile watching those little High School kids jump as high as they can, making their quest for success just as painful as mine was! :D