Monday, December 8, 2008

Gifts and Mountian Dew

This week one of my roommates left and to go down to the valley so we had a Secret Santa exchange and...a wild drinking party! :D I will explain.
This is my beautiful present I got from Whitney. Everyone else got/gave small presents like candy and socks, but Whitney gave me a set of pots and pans! It was pretty awesome. I didn't complain! :)

So this was my first experience with Mountain Dew. Jerah got the bright idea of taking shots of Mountain Dew and then it just evolved from there. We ended up playing Kings cup. My roommates were so shocked that I had never had Mountain Dew that they tried as hard as they could to make me get to drink more! And ironically by the end instead of bouncing off the walls I was ready crash.

To roommates and highly caffeinated drinks (in place of alcohol)...Cheers!

Monday, December 1, 2008


K...This picture is super cute! I couldn't pass up posting this one. Every single one of them are makings the most adorable faces!!! :D

These next ones are just a little glimpse into my C-R-A-Z-Y college life! :) Except I was home when I took all these.....
All the rest are pictures taken during the incredibly boring Lillywhite reunion. Elise, Julia, and I went snap happy and just took a whole bunch of pictures! It was really fun :) But Grandma's couch was not a very good back ground though! :D

SO, I have jsut decided that Julia is the cutiest little girl ever. She is going to be a heart breaker!

These one were a few hours later and the reunion was STILL going on. Jeni and I were tired of being around so many people we didn't know and couldn't stand the nasty enchiladas, so we took Brittny and Karl with us and snuck away to McDonald's. We all had hot fudge Sundays and we played on the play place...and they didn't even kick up out!!!!!!!!!!! :P

All I have to say about these is that Jeni is SOOOO Pretty and the Brittny turned out so much cooler than Myrna but, that is not to hard to do! (I know I'm a horrible person)


Since I got back to Flag last night it seems like all I have done is look at the 300 some odd pictures I took while I was home. I am so excited...I am just starting to figure out the best way to edit photos. So I decided that this post should be all about pictures. :D

It was soooooo weird to watch Afton get married. But she is happy and they are a really cute couple; what else can you ask for?
I was very surprised at how calm Afton was the whole day. She was just like, "yep I want to spend the rest of eternity with Sean" :D
Oh! Look how cute we are!!! ;)

Yes Daddy...I caught the bouquet! Don't worry, I don't think it really means anything. But.....

....who know, Maybe this will be me in a few YEARS! :D
I have a few more but I need to go to FHE soon so I will get around to those later!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Good Things in Life

First of all I am really really excited for my first college semester to be over! Second...I have had a really good week this past week. When I got back from the valley everyone was really happy to see me! That made me feel special. :) On Friday there was a formal dance but I had to work...and it was girl ask guy and I didn't really want to ask anyone out. So after work my roommate Brittany and I just sat on the couch and watched movies. On Sunday I got a new calling, I am now on the Family Home Evening Committee. I am actually really excited for this one. I will really be able to get to know everyone in my family.
Also on Sunday we had a mini Thanksgiving dinner. One of the guys in the boys apartment had a Turkey so we pulled all of our stuff together and had a fancy dinner. It was really fun! It was just like eat food and hang out time. And then after we were done there was ice cream and we watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. It was happy! :D
Last night us roommates had our first "fight." It was more like roommate council. We didn't get to bed till 2 or 3 but we got tons of things off our chests. It was good and now everything is peachy keen and now we are all a little bit closer.

And I was just thinking and I decided to write down the things in life that make everything worth it.

The Best Things in Life:
  1. Friends who are willing to put up with all the silly thing you do and say
  2. Family who love you no matter what
  3. The Scriptures and every part of our Religion that gives us all hope (like conference talks that are modern day scriptures meant just for us)
  4. The apartment of Boys who are worthy priesthood holders and good friends that live a stones throw away
  5. Pictures that bring a smile to your face every time you look at them. (Like the ones of my Lindsey's girls and Mindy's pictures on her blog that make me goo and ga every time I look at them)
  6. Late nights with roommates eating ice cream and having in depth girl talk (can't have one with out the other) :D
  7. Having you grandma save up some money for a few months to help you with groceries and ends up giving you $25 :) and then getting out the photo albums and telling stories about when my mom was younger.
  8. Reading letters from you brother on his mission and every week having him tell you wa story and share another little part of his testimony with you. :P
  9. The look of a parent when they are really proud of what you have become and how you are living you life
  10. And most of all.....the little tiny things that just make you smile, like remembering good times with friends and family or watching someone passionately tell a funny story :D

Monday, November 3, 2008

This is Halloween...This is Halloween...

So, not much has happened around here except Halloween, late night parties and the consumption of large amounts of chocolate! No...late night parties are not really a common occurrence in our house but on weekends it is really hard to get the boys to leave our apartment at a decent hour. last night they didn't leave till midnight and I am feeling it today. I guess we are just too popular for our own good! :D So this Halloween was AWESOME! Believe it or not this is the first Halloween I have not gone around begging random strangers for candy. Instead, my roommates and I dressed up and went to the institute dance. Our costumes were top notch (if I do say so my self).

Yeah that's right we were a polygamist family! :D We got the dress at Good Will we were going to buy huge bolder sized rings but we never got around to it. And our hair...oh my gosh I was so proud of the way it turned out! Everyone at the dance thought we were hilarious...except we found out later that one girl who got offended and left. Oh well, that is her problem not ours, some one at the dance dressed up like Osama Bin-ladin, if she was choosing to be offended she should have chosen to be offended by that! My Favorite was when we all stood in a circle during a show dance and all sang "The smile on you face lets [us] know that you need [us]" :D It was classic. I have a feeling it was a legend in the making :D

Anyways...after the dance the boys got it into their head that it would be a good idea to watch a scary movie. Who ever that was should be shot. My roommates "boyfriend" has keys to all the auditoriums on campus so at like midnight he let us all in and set up the projector and we watched "What Lies Beneath" It was cool but I was scared out of my wits, I had to hold Jerah's hand to stop myself from hyperventilating. We were so exhausted by the time the movie was over but all in all I would have to say it was one of the best Halloweens I have ever had!!!

This was after the dance and before the move. We just went a little snap happy! :)
This is Me and Whitney while we were waiting for the boys to set up the projector. After this semester she is going down to the valey to do her student teaching. :( We are going to miss her. We just might get a fish and name it Whitney.
On Sunday Jerah and I just walked around campus and took fun pictures in the fall leaves. It was so much fun. I officially decided that Jerah is the cutest girl ever! :)

We were on our way home and it started to rain so we ran as fast as we could back to the apartment. We thought it was kinda funny that it made us so...uncute, so we took a picture so that our uncuteness could be remembered forever! :D

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Collge (voluntary torture!)

Life is going great except is kinda getting in the way! I have not done any crazy partying lately (except of course that I just made banana bread... it is always a party when I cook) but I have done more studying and more working. You know it is crazy because it has actually paid off, my paychecks are a little bit bigger and my grades are getting higher. The last 3 tests I took I did really well on (100% on my Discrete test,100% on my Anthropology midterm and 96% on a Geology test) :D I just took another math test today, I feel pretty good about it but I have learned never to rely on that!
Let see...what else have I been up to....there was a few days there where almost everyone of us roommates were going through boy troubles. So for a few days we all consumed A LOT of ice cream! It is really cool we are starting to become best friends. We also have a few guys that piratically live here. They are over all the time, once we had a impromptu dance party, it was SO much fun! It could have lasted all night but our down stairs neighbor knocked on our door and told up he could see his roof bouncing up and down every time we jumped. That put an end to that one!
I have also decided that Flagstaff is one of the most beautiful places ever(Palmyra is prettier) Being a valley girl, I have only ever seen the winter season and the summer season because that it when we took trips to places that actually have seasons! So I am thoroughly enjoying watching the trees change color and drop their leaves. I enjoyed it soo much that I just had to take some pictures and i just have to share them with all my family who never gets to see this kind of stuff! :D

This is a tree right next to my apartment. It is so beautiful!

This one is a picture of the pine trees I get to walk through every day on my way to the library. The pine needles turn brown and fall off the tree so the whole sidewalk is covered in a blanket of pine needles, it is SO beautiful! I am so happy I get to watch all of this happen!

OH! and two more pictures that have nothing to do with the weather up here :)

This one is a snow man I made out of the ice one day at work when I was really board. I made him a girl friend too but my manager showed up so I didn't get a chance to take a picture

And this one is me in a box! :D

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Without Sorrow There is no Joy :)

These last two weeks have been...good. I got to go home and that was wonderful but that also gave me a chance to see my boys, bad idea! I just got way more confused and was not to happy about it. So I spent this past week trying to forget about them and I was doing pretty good until Friday when Paul got his mission call (he is going to the Baltic and will be speaking Lithuanian) he called to tell me about it and we talked for a good hour. There went that good plan I had that involved giving myself space and not talking to him for a while!! In other news, I got a 69 on my Geological Disasters test and a 78 on my Calculus test! That didn't improve my spirits too much. However I did have a whole lot of fun with friends. I didn't have to work much these past two weeks so the girls and I partied!
This is Elise and Nicole, they are our best friends! We do everything together. This was at our Mexican party I was talking about earlier. We all "dresses up" in Mexican costumes, watched Nacho Libre and ate & layer been dip! Elise and Nicole came with this mask and towels tied around their necks for capes :)

Mine and Jerah's costumes were a little...inventive :) Jerah's butt if you cannot tell says SenioRita and the two M's on my butt say Marcos Mexican. I also wore the brown pants and shirt along with the beanie and was....a beaner :) Kinda bad but I am allowed to because I went to Marcos!

What is a party with out food??? The been dip I made looked absolutely delicious (as you can see)

Yeah...the girls devoured it

It was completely gone in a matter of mins! I contribute it all to the amazing beans I made!

K well I will stop making comments about how good my cooking is and move on to the rest of my life. :) So on Friday we went to dodge ball....It was the first Friday Night Activity I have been to since I have been up here and it will probably be the last for a long while. was way fun! We had crazy outfits and were the main attraction :D

So these outfits of ours were CRAZY! We all had different colored T-shirts and different colored shorts and then in our hair we all had miss matching bandannas and to top it all off we had knee high tie dyed socks!! They were so cool everyone was envious of or socks :) Oh and that crazy guy in the back is John...we didn't want him in our picture but he jumped in behind us right as the flash went off.

After we were done playing dodge ball Elise and I went outside and took funny random pictures on things we found out side the whole church. It was way fun but some of them turned out to be black mail pictures and I am not going to post them on line!!!! Sufficed to say this picture was taken in the satellite dish!!!
OH!! and one more thing I must add, those unbelievably skanky shorts were not my idea!! I was forced to wear them by those girls that call them selves my friends, Jerah phrased it as "Breaking me out of my shell" And if any of you tell my mother......I don't know what I will do but is won't be pretty! :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008


So I do have excuses for not posting for so long...and you are just going to have to sit there and listen to them! :) So for the first little while I didn't have my compute because it was getting fixed and then when I did get it the charger broke a few days later. Then when I finally got it to turn on again I had forgoten my password....but I got it all figured out now and I even took some pictures! :)

This is Jerah picking out fruit on our first shoping trip...with out our mothers! :) it was kinda funny because the whole time we were discussing loudly what we were going to buy seperatly and what we were going to split. We didn't think anything of it until this hippy women (super long dreadlocks and crazy clothes...the works!) stoped and commented about how cute we were! We were kinda funny! It was especially funny watching Jerah try to figure out how to pay with her debit card!

This is my beautiful kitchen with the beautiful garbage can Lindsey and Bill bought for me when they came up to visit two weeks ago! :)

This is my living room with the beautiful coffe table mom provided (that I always put my feet on...and there is nothing she can do about it! hehehehe) Oh and my roommate and her boyfriend who is ALWAYS over!

And...our big screen Tv! This tv is the reason we have weekly movie nights every Tuesday with the girls. This week we are going to make 7 layer been dip and watch a mexican movie...Nacho Libre!! :)

So this picture has a funny story behind rainy night we all really had a craving for icecream so we got out our jackets and umprellas and walked down to Baskins Robins! It was lots of fun! Oh and this is Jerah (my roommate) and Elise (One of Jerahs friends who we have become really good friends with and ironicly I went to EFY with one summer)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Welcome to blogging!

Yay for me I started a blog! Mindy made me do it so she can keep up with me when I leave for College next week Yikes! I'll be studying Math at NAU in Flagstaff I can't wait. So stay tuned for the amazing adventures sure to come in Hannah's happy world