Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Collge (voluntary torture!)

Life is going great except for...life is kinda getting in the way! I have not done any crazy partying lately (except of course that I just made banana bread... it is always a party when I cook) but I have done more studying and more working. You know it is crazy because it has actually paid off, my paychecks are a little bit bigger and my grades are getting higher. The last 3 tests I took I did really well on (100% on my Discrete test,100% on my Anthropology midterm and 96% on a Geology test) :D I just took another math test today, I feel pretty good about it but I have learned never to rely on that!
Let see...what else have I been up to....there was a few days there where almost everyone of us roommates were going through boy troubles. So for a few days we all consumed A LOT of ice cream! It is really cool we are starting to become best friends. We also have a few guys that piratically live here. They are over all the time, once we had a impromptu dance party, it was SO much fun! It could have lasted all night but our down stairs neighbor knocked on our door and told up he could see his roof bouncing up and down every time we jumped. That put an end to that one!
I have also decided that Flagstaff is one of the most beautiful places ever(Palmyra is prettier) Being a valley girl, I have only ever seen the winter season and the summer season because that it when we took trips to places that actually have seasons! So I am thoroughly enjoying watching the trees change color and drop their leaves. I enjoyed it soo much that I just had to take some pictures and i just have to share them with all my family who never gets to see this kind of stuff! :D

This is a tree right next to my apartment. It is so beautiful!

This one is a picture of the pine trees I get to walk through every day on my way to the library. The pine needles turn brown and fall off the tree so the whole sidewalk is covered in a blanket of pine needles, it is SO beautiful! I am so happy I get to watch all of this happen!

OH! and two more pictures that have nothing to do with the weather up here :)

This one is a snow man I made out of the ice one day at work when I was really board. I made him a girl friend too but my manager showed up so I didn't get a chance to take a picture

And this one is me in a box! :D


Diane said...

I just got caught up on your blog, it's great! What a lot of fun pictures and I just love all your narrative. I'm so glad you're having such a good experience and making such great memories, I'm so jealous. It was fun seeing you and your new "world", easier to picture you there now.

Dallas said...

"... And this one is me in a box..."

Cute Hannah. Good job on your tests!

.maddypow. said...


Mindy said...

Hannah Darling you are awesome. I like the box picture =)

Good for you on getting your grades up. Funny how life gets in the way of college and college gets in the way of life.

Dallas & Natalie Turley said...

AWESOME JOB on your way awesome success in school!!