Thursday, January 15, 2009

Grapefruit Diet

Yesterday we found out that we might be getting another roommate!!! We are all so excited to have a new friend and have less rent to pay! :) That was the highlight of my day yesterday, except we still don't know for sure. I am so tight on money right now, books are killing me and until my first paycheck comes in I am not going to have much money for anything. My budget breakfast had become home made granola and Grapefruit. :) Mom sent me up with a whole box of grapefruit and so did Lindsey. I just hope my roommates and I can eat them before they all go bad! :D
Oh and this is really funny I just thought I would share it with everyone. I took a whole bunch of picture one night right before I went home for winter break. I was just sitting on the couch looking through them and Anne was very interested in what I was doing. She was sitting next to me and when I got to this picture of Jerah she tried to do the same pose. It was so darn cute! Then later Rachel wanted to join in the fun so I got one of her too. Once again those girls are way to cute....I hope that won't get them into trouble when they are old enough to start breaking hearts. :P

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