Saturday, November 14, 2009

<3 :D :P !!!

First of all, I heart Jordyn! I am so happy we decided to live together this semester. It is amazing how many times are minds have just "melshed." We say the same things, and sing the same songs, it is just great! And yesterday Jordyn and I bonded even more and I will post pictures to prove it! :D Second, last night was the girl ask guy institute formal...SO MUCH FUN! They have a dance once a semester and I didn't go to either of them last year and I missed out! It was a blast. So pretty much, my Friday the 13th was awesome!
All I have to say is that we had so much fun being really goofy, and outrageous. We clean up nicely, and I think we both looked very good last night! :D

This is me and my date Adam. Once again, so much fun! :P
We had lots of fun taking pictures with the decorations! Adam wanted to do the Titanic pose but at the last second we decided Adam should be the one who was flying! :D

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Steven and Mindy Raisor said...

Hmmm looks like you are having lots of fun and my... that dress looks familiar =) I sure miss you. I'd better see you when you come down for Thanksgiving. Love ya