Monday, August 11, 2008

Welcome to blogging!

Yay for me I started a blog! Mindy made me do it so she can keep up with me when I leave for College next week Yikes! I'll be studying Math at NAU in Flagstaff I can't wait. So stay tuned for the amazing adventures sure to come in Hannah's happy world


Dallas said...

Hannah you goober! Way to not tell people that you started a blog! And way to not ever write in it! Your gooberness is astounding!

I never heard from you if that math book will work out. Are you going to be in town for Mark's homecoming celebratory hooplah?

Alison said...

YA!!! gosh hannah! and dont even put me in ur friends!!!

Diane said...

You'll notice that some people blog often and some (like me) do it now and again, but have really good intentions. But you DO it! We need to see your apt & roommates, come on, take some pics.