Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Good Things in Life

First of all I am really really excited for my first college semester to be over! Second...I have had a really good week this past week. When I got back from the valley everyone was really happy to see me! That made me feel special. :) On Friday there was a formal dance but I had to work...and it was girl ask guy and I didn't really want to ask anyone out. So after work my roommate Brittany and I just sat on the couch and watched movies. On Sunday I got a new calling, I am now on the Family Home Evening Committee. I am actually really excited for this one. I will really be able to get to know everyone in my family.
Also on Sunday we had a mini Thanksgiving dinner. One of the guys in the boys apartment had a Turkey so we pulled all of our stuff together and had a fancy dinner. It was really fun! It was just like eat food and hang out time. And then after we were done there was ice cream and we watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. It was happy! :D
Last night us roommates had our first "fight." It was more like roommate council. We didn't get to bed till 2 or 3 but we got tons of things off our chests. It was good and now everything is peachy keen and now we are all a little bit closer.

And I was just thinking and I decided to write down the things in life that make everything worth it.

The Best Things in Life:
  1. Friends who are willing to put up with all the silly thing you do and say
  2. Family who love you no matter what
  3. The Scriptures and every part of our Religion that gives us all hope (like conference talks that are modern day scriptures meant just for us)
  4. The apartment of Boys who are worthy priesthood holders and good friends that live a stones throw away
  5. Pictures that bring a smile to your face every time you look at them. (Like the ones of my Lindsey's girls and Mindy's pictures on her blog that make me goo and ga every time I look at them)
  6. Late nights with roommates eating ice cream and having in depth girl talk (can't have one with out the other) :D
  7. Having you grandma save up some money for a few months to help you with groceries and ends up giving you $25 :) and then getting out the photo albums and telling stories about when my mom was younger.
  8. Reading letters from you brother on his mission and every week having him tell you wa story and share another little part of his testimony with you. :P
  9. The look of a parent when they are really proud of what you have become and how you are living you life
  10. And most of all.....the little tiny things that just make you smile, like remembering good times with friends and family or watching someone passionately tell a funny story :D


Steven and Mindy Raisor said...

Ha Ha I'm had no idea my pictures make you make funny noises. Let's hope that apartment full of boys doesn't hear you... they might be afraid of those kinds of noises... most boys are tee hee hee

Diane said...

Oh the fun and joy of college life, what wonderful memories you're making - you do go to classes, right? Hey, I just saw the play of 7 Brides down here, I just loved it.