Monday, December 1, 2008


Since I got back to Flag last night it seems like all I have done is look at the 300 some odd pictures I took while I was home. I am so excited...I am just starting to figure out the best way to edit photos. So I decided that this post should be all about pictures. :D

It was soooooo weird to watch Afton get married. But she is happy and they are a really cute couple; what else can you ask for?
I was very surprised at how calm Afton was the whole day. She was just like, "yep I want to spend the rest of eternity with Sean" :D
Oh! Look how cute we are!!! ;)

Yes Daddy...I caught the bouquet! Don't worry, I don't think it really means anything. But.....

....who know, Maybe this will be me in a few YEARS! :D
I have a few more but I need to go to FHE soon so I will get around to those later!

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Diane said...

Great pictures, so glad to see Afton since we didn't get to the reception - yes, we were invited. You look pretty good in that veil ya know.