Thursday, July 16, 2009


First off I know, long time no blog. So there is no way humanly possible that I could catch up on everything so I am just going to put up some of the pictures I have taken this summer. That is all I can think of as a fast and easy update.

Lindsey, her kids and I all took a walk to Good Will (you know while they still lived at Dads house). Anne looks so cute walking all by herself with out a care in the world. :D

Lindsey was checking out and I was really board of shopping so I took Rachel to the hats and we took lots of pictures with different goofy hats! :D It was lots of fun!!!!

Emma looked too cute up on the fire place holding the puppy so I just HAD to take a picture.

And this, of course, is me and Joseph. We were at the Marcos Graduation and it just so happened to be raining! Weird that that would happen two years in a row when the norm is 100 for last Aug. Silly Joseph got really really cold and we couldn't stay to say hi to all our friends on the field cause he was almost convulsing cause he was so cold! :D

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