Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I just finished my last day of summer school and thought it a momentous occasion worth mentioning on my pathetically neglected blog. It was a rotten boring class, that was way too easy to merit my full attention. I studied for about a 1/2 an hour before every test and never got below a 95%. I am just happy it was in the summer and was only 5 weeks instead of the average 3 1/2 months...although it didn't feel accelerated. I did however manage to cover many pieces of paper with pointless designs. I should scan them and put them up before I throw them away. That way I can look back and remember what I learned this summer; Colleges don't have your best interests in mind, all they really want is your money! As long as you put up with their fake smiles, jump through the hopes in their hands and pay to do it, you can get a degree! And in my case after I get that degree I can be the one that holds a hoop in my hand bearing a cheesy smile watching those little High School kids jump as high as they can, making their quest for success just as painful as mine was! :D

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