Friday, August 7, 2009


So these are my amazing doodles, the only semi exciting biproduct of my summer school classI know I am really weird! But at least this all gave me an escape from that awful professors voice
You would not believe how much pencil I got all over my hand doing these two. The best is when I would come back from class with pencil all over my forehead!Just in case you ever wondering, all those circles are on the front page of the packet our professor passed out for us to take notes on...I erased the little notes I did have :D
This one is one of my favorites! I like all the hearts.
This one I actually started up in Flag right before finals and then just finished it in my boring summer school!


Dallas said...

They look pretty awesome!!

Hannah said...

:D Thanks! That is pretty much the only thing I did this summer.

Katie said...

Glad to see you making good use of your downtime! I learned how to write with my right hand (I'm left-handed) in one of my boring classes! :)