Thursday, September 17, 2009


I am so frustrated!!! I just found out today that the mail man has not been giving me my mail! I am soo upset. I had had a suspicion cause it has been 2 weeks since anything with my name on it has come out of our mail box. But this morning I looked online to see why my textbooks hadn't come yet and that is when I found out that the Postal Service has no clue that I reside in my own apartment. The text books I bought 2 weeks ago were sent to back to the sellers because the mail man just decided not to put the mail in the little box the packages told him to put it in! I am so frustrated!!!!!!!!!! Cause now I have to contact all the sellers, see if they will send it back to me, and some how make sure that I start getting my mail again. It wouldn't be so bad if I knew how to fix it all, but I don't know how to make it better. I did however write a little note to the mail man in hopes that he will start giving me my mail again and knows that still live in the same place! I guess life wouldn't be interesting if we didn't have problems.

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Diane said...

Hey Hannah, just catching up on blogs. Strange not talking to you all this time, glad you're doing ok (besides the mail thing). Hope to see you soon.