Sunday, October 11, 2009

I am addicted

Last Thursday was a fateful day. At first it just seemed like a normal average day. I went to class, read my scriptures, did my HW (haha jk Hannah doesn't ever do her HW). It didn't start until after work. I had just spent the last 4.5 hours slaving away taking peoples orders and getting fruit smoothies splashed all over me. I was sitting on the stool with Jordyn next to me and all of a sudden, out of thin air, my roommate Brittiny says "I am going to walk down to Hastings and rent the first season of Heros." Inside my soul gave out a cry of anguish (actually I was very verbal about it) "NO!!! I can't start watching another TV show!!! Once I start I won't be able to get back to my life until I have seen them all." Sure enough that is EXACTLY what happened. I stayed up till one that night, the next night (Friday) I was up till 12 and then Saturday I would not let myself rest until 2:30--finishing the first season of course. If only it had ended at that, the same roommate who drug me into this obsession, bought all three seasons and we continued to waist our life away in front of the TV. To our credit, we exhibited great self control and waited till Thursday night to unleash the DVDs sitting innocently on the shelf. By last night at midnight my roommates and I had made our way through all the existing seasons of Heros. Now our plan is to watch the new episodes each week as they come out. Since that fateful Thursday my roommates and I have watched 45.5hours of Sylar, Mohinder and Claire. We now have pictures of Heros characters dotting our walls and Sylar pictures as our desktop backgrounds. Needless to Say...I AM ADDICTED!!!!!!!! :D


Jasie said...

LOL Sounds familiar! Tony did the same thing a few months back and he loves them. I really want to watch them but haven't done it yet, but your blog has reminded me that I still want to. Thanks!

Diane said...

Well... so here we are thinking you're slaving away up there and it sounds like you don't leave your apt any more. Now that you're down to just one episode a week whatever will you do, how will you survive til then?