Thursday, November 25, 2010

Life is an Adventure

This past weekend was vary adventure-full for me. :D It was crazy busy but I had a blast!

My roommates and I went to go see Harry Potter 7 at midnight on Thursday night. We drank hot chocolate while we waited in line, and I summarized the entire Harry Potter series up to book 7 for them. And we took a whole bunch of random crazy pictures waiting for the movie to start. :P
This picture is a good example when your roommate says"Ok everyone make your Harry Potter face!" Yeah...we are just that awesome.

On Friday Flagstaff had their girl ask guy winter formal and it was a blast! My roommates and our dates went ice skating, went to Peter Piper Pizza and played the arcade games and then danced the night away at the institute. It is so fun to have an excuse to put a pretty dress on and forget about everything you have to do.
Look! His tie matched my shoes!
Saturday was Cherise's wedding! I woke up at 5:30 and drove down to the valley so I could be at the temple when Cherise came of of the temple with her new husband. Then we had a family luncheon where there was A LOT of singing and preforming (I'm not complaining, the talent was really good, but sometimes I would just like to eat my food and not worry about focusing on anything else). Then I hurry quick and took a nap and got all pretty and magically transformed into a brides maid. The reception was so much fun and my sisters has a new last name.Look at these cute kids! Way to go Raisors!

I caught the bouquet and Dallin in caught the garder. Good thing we are siblings other wise I would be in trouble.

Can I just say that I love my sisters?

My little baby cousin Jacob was blessed on Sunday. We had another luncheon but this time there was not singing, only good food. Then I finished my day in pure relaxation...until I got in my car to go home. Mom had me get out and give her a good bye hung and with out thinking I left my car running and locked all the doors! YAY! One hour, a dented door, and a broken window later we finally got the door open!!!!! And we didn't even to have to call a lock smith. Thank goodness for Hans', Larry's, screw drivers, and very long pols. Then I went and had dinner with my daddy. It was much fun to catch up with him. Then I was back on the road to Flagstaff and I am so happy I didn't die on the snow covered roads. I almost lost control there for a second and swerved into a semi but I was able to not to. :D

YAY for a life full of ADVENTURE(!) with out it life would be just to boring.

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